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 13 Fun End of Year Speech Therapy Activities to End the School Year with Learning

As the school year comes to a close, it’s time to plan some engaging and enjoyable activities for your students in speech therapy. The end of the year is an excellent opportunity to reinforce skills, celebrate achievements, and prepare for the summer break. In this blog post, we’ll explore various end of year speech therapy activities that will keep your students motivated and excited to learn. Let’s dive in!

End of Year Speech Activities

Looking to send your students off with some fun end of year speech therapy activities? The below activities are perfect! Students will love being acknowledged for their achievements, have fun with graduation themed activities, and enjoy the last couple of speech therapy sessions with you before they head out the door for summer.

Preschool Graduation and End-of-the-Year Awards

One of the most perfect end of year speech therapy activities! Celebrate your students’ accomplishments with these editable awards. They are perfect for recognizing their progress in speech therapy and can be customized to suit each child’s unique achievements.

This product includes:

  • 1 Graduation Diploma
  • 1 Graduation Certificate
  • 10 End of the Year Awards

End-of-the-Year Memory Book for Speech Therapy

Engage your students in reflection and storytelling with this interactive memory book and one of my favorite fun end of year speech therapy activities. It provides a fantastic opportunity for students to share their favorite moments and memories from the school year while practicing their speech and language skills.

This product includes:  My Speech Teacher… Speech Goals…I Will Miss…Favorite Speech Game…Favorite Book Read in Speech…Favorite Treat or Reward…Summer Plans…Autographs…My Speech Work…

Graduation Theme Articulation Worksheets

Celebrate the end of the school year with these graduation-themed articulation worksheets. They provide targeted practice for specific speech sounds, incorporating a festive theme that your students will love.

These NO PREP cut-and-paste worksheets are perfect for drill practice. They include F, G, K, S, V & Z picture sounds in all positions of words. No worries about prepping….just print and go!

Summer Speech Therapy Activities

If you are looking to enjoy some summer fun with your students, or maybe you are looking to send home some summer work with them. These summer speech therapy activities are the perfect addition and students will love them! 

Summer Picture Scene Question Mats

Stimulate conversation and critical thinking with these question prompts. These mats feature summer-themed picture scenes that can be used to target vocabulary, sentence formation, and comprehension skills. Your students will have a blast while expanding their speech and language abilities.

These WH-Question Mats include SUMMER picture scenes with (Who, What, Where, When, Yes or No, Riddles and Identify) questions. This product contains 10 mats in total with 5 picture scenes each.

Summer Sentence Expansion Cards

Foster language development and sentence structure with these engaging sentence expansion cards. Students will practice building longer and more detailed sentences using summer-themed vocabulary. It’s a great activity for targeting expressive language skills.

These sheets include 40 flash cards with items you usually see, such as a sandcastle, sunglasses, seashells, etc. By adding adjectives (colors, number, size, etc.), students will be on their way to increasing their vocabulary and improving language skills.

Summer Positional Word Adaptive Book

Help students understand and use positional words with this interactive, adaptive book. Through hands-on activities, they will learn spatial concepts related to summer themes. This resource is excellent for teaching and reinforcing vocabulary and prepositions.

This cute interactive positional word book focuses on the following positions: behind, in, on, between, near, far, next to, and in front of. This summer resource is a great addition to your summer therapy sessions.

Summer Adaptive Book: WH Questions

Develop students’ question-answering skills with this adaptive book focusing on WH questions. They will engage with summer-themed scenarios and practice answering various types of questions. It’s a fantastic resource for building comprehension and expressive language skills.

It includes WH-questions with interactive answers pieces to choose from. It is a perfect tool for students who struggle with receptive and expressive language. Instructions for book assembly are included along with pacing dots for reading.

Love using interactive books in your speech room? Grab the bundle below.

Summer BBQ Articulation Worksheets

Combine speech therapy with a summertime barbecue theme using these articulation worksheets. Students will have a blast practicing their speech sounds while completing fun and engaging activities.

These cut and paste worksheets are exactly what you need for drill practice. It includes the following sounds F, J, G, K, L, R, AR, EAR, ER, IRE, OR, S, SC, SL, SM, SN, ST, SW, V & Z in all position of words. Students can practice target sounds as they color, cut and paste them under the grill. No worries about prepping….just print and go!

Summer Speech Therapy Packet for Articulation 

Boost articulation skills with this no-prep resource. Packed with engaging worksheets, it offers targeted practice for specific speech sounds, making it an excellent addition to your end-of-the-year speech therapy activities.

These SUMMER articulation packets will definitely keep students engaged. You can use these worksheets to keep track of students’ progress over the summer or use them for speech homework. The packet includes 11 worksheets (77 total) for each of the following picture sounds F, V, K, G, L, R, & S in all position of words at the word level.

Where Questions Interactive Mats

Explore the exciting world of “Where?” questions with our interactive mats! Perfect for summer-themed speech therapy activities, these mats provide a fun and engaging way for students to practice their language skills. Get ready for an adventure and improve comprehension and expressive language abilities.

These SUMMMER WHERE QUESTION MATS are low prep and interactive! The questions focus on summer activities. It targets receptive and expressive language disorders. Dots are placed under words to assist with pacing when reading answers.

Boom Cards: Summer Sequence

Incorporate digital learning into your end-of-year speech therapy activities with these interactive Boom Cards. Students will have fun sequencing summer-themed events while improving their comprehension and storytelling skills.

This deck includes:

  • 6 sequence tasks (lemonade, building a sandcastle, ice cream, beach day, BBQ grill, diving)
  • picture cards in the order of 2-step, 3-step and 4-step


Summer Pronouns Boom Cards

Improve pronoun skills while having a blast with our Summer Pronouns Boom Cards! These interactive digital activities are perfect for distance learning and summer speech therapy sessions. Engage students in pronoun identification and usage with fun, summer-themed scenarios. Enhance language skills and make learning enjoyable. 

This deck includes: 

  • 8 receptive pronoun cards: he, she, they
  • 9 expressive pronoun cards: he, she, they
  • 8 receptive possessive pronoun cards: his, her, their
  • 10 expressive possessive pronoun cards: his, her, their

Summer Actions Vocabulary Boom Cards

Enhance vocabulary and action word comprehension with our Summer Actions Vocabulary Boom Cards! These interactive digital cards are designed to engage students in learning verbs while embracing the summer theme. Perfect for speech therapy sessions or distance learning, these cards provide a fun and interactive way to expand language skills. 

This deck focuses on labeling and matching summer actions/verbs. Use the drag n drop activity to match the actions then have the student name the action using a sentence form. It is great for sentence expansion practice. Pacing dots are provided to assist with fluency.

The end of the year is a perfect time to engage your students in fun and interactive speech therapy activities. By incorporating these end of year speech therapy activities and resources, such as memory books, awards, question prompts, and articulation worksheets, you can create a stimulating and memorable experience for your students. Keep them motivated, celebrate their achievements, and lay the foundation for a successful summer speech therapy program. Don’t forget to visit the links provided to access these valuable resources and make the most of the last days of the school year!

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