9 Winter Speech Therapy Activities That Are Perfect For Those Dark Days!

Woah baby, it’s cold outside. Well, in some places, I guess. But, even if you live somewhere that doesn’t see snow, your students will love having a little wintertime fun with these winter speech therapy activities.

9 Winter Speech Therapy Activities

We have passed winter break, and in many areas across the country, teachers are feeling the “dark days of winter.” Why do I refer to it as the “dark days of winter?” I don’t know if your school is like mine. But for the next couple of months, we do not have any days off, it is dark very early, and in many areas, it is just cold and snowy (or rainy).  While we can’t really change the “dark days of winter,” we can make them a little brighter and bring some fun winter speech therapy activities into the speech language therapy rooms! 

Winter Articulation Worksheets 

These winter articulation worksheets are engaging and filled with target sounds for articulation drill practice. They includes the following sounds: K, G, F, V, L, R, S, & Z in the initial, medial and final position of words. These are also great for homework practice and my students often ask to do more winter speech therapy activities like this one! I swear if they could use a Dot Art Painters for everything, they would. 

Winter Picture Theme Questions

One of my best sellers, these WH-question mats include winter picture scenes with (who, what, where, when, yes or no, riddles, and identity) questions. These are perfect for receptive and expressive language goals.

I used Winter scene picture mats with Emma, who has difficulty attending to a task and is always busy with her hands. I incorporated playdough by having her smash answers to questions on the mats, and she loved it! Her attention span and participation improved greatly, and she now asks for this activity frequently.


The How to Build a Snowman Interactive Book  is a great way to teach students how to build a snowman. It tackles concepts such as sequencing, labeling, and inferencing. The student will match pictures as they label each item. 

If you are looking for a way to make it even more interactive bring in some cotton balls, puff balls, or something to represent the snowman and let your students go to town decorating it. 

Winter Sequence Boom Cards 

These winter themed sequence cards are a perfect winter activity when working on receptive language skills, such as understanding sequence order, and expressive language, such as retelling the steps of a task. Students will use a drag-and-drop activity to complete the sequence order. If you have students who enjoy doing activities like these winter speech therapy activities on an iPad, Chromebook, laptop or if they just need a quick brain break, these are perfect! 

Winter Reading Comprehension Worksheets

These winter reading comprehension sheets focus on winter activities. It includes 10 short passages with multiple choice answers and one fill-in-the-blank, yes/no question, circle or color the picture answer at the end of the question list. These worksheets are perfect for reading practice and a great addition to your winter reading activities. Plus, they can start some really great conversations and discussions focused around winter fun! 

Mia’s Wonderful Winter Interactive Book

Mia’s winter wonderland WH questions interactive book is part of a book series about how Mia celebrates holidays and seasons. This interactive book is a perfect tool for students to practice answering various who, what, where, and where questions. The book includes 8 pages with text and pictures, a corresponding question for each page, and picture choices for answering each question. This book is easy to use. Read each page with your student and have them answer the question with one of the picture choices.

Winter BINGO Game 

This winter BINGO game is a great addition to your Winter theme activities. This game is intended for a group of 6 players. You can work on receptive language (identifying) and expressive language (labeling, wh-questions). You can win with four tokens horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Don’t let students forget to yell, “BINGO!” This game is a great way to practice winter vocabulary and is one of the easiest, most engaging of the winter speech therapy activities I use in my classroom. 

Winter Sentence Expansion Verb Cards

Perfect for a snowy day! Expanding sentences is a great way to increase vocabulary and improve expressive language skills. These winter sentence expansion verb cards focus on naming actions while expanding from single words to phrases and sentences. My students and I love to talk about each sentence and I will often show them videos of the different activities like ice skating. 

Snowman Articulation Worksheets

I love these snowman articulation worksheets and they may be one of my favorite winter speech therapy activities. They are simple winter-themed speech activities that will keep your students engaged. These no-prep cut-and-paste worksheets are perfect for drill practice. They include F, G, K, L, R, S, V, Z, CH, TH, SH, L-Blends, S-Blends & Vocalic-R picture sounds in all positions of words. 

Winter Speech Therapy Activities 

When looking for speech therapy ideas, I always love to bring in different seasons and activities that my students relate to! Even if you are a speech language pathologist in warmer climates, students love to dream of snow and what they would do in it! You could even bring in and make some fake snow with students!

Looking for other winter speech therapy activities? You should try some of my favorite winter speech therapy games

Don't forget your snowman freebie above!