Fall Articulation Worksheets- Free Resource Included

Fall Articulation Worksheets- Free Resource Included

Fall is here and you’re probably just itching to find some good fall articulation worksheets. I often look for print-and-go activities with little to no prep. Something about hitting that download button and watching the printable pop up makes my heart skip a beat. Or maybe I just drank too many pumpkin spice lattes.

There are so many articulation worksheets out there. When working specifically on articulation therapy with a student, I always look for articulation worksheets that focus on a specific theme. Whether it is animals, space, or my favorite fall. Here are some fall-themed articulation worksheets and activities I love!

4 Fall Articulation Worksheets and Activities

These are some of my favorite fall activities for my students when working on articulation. They are engaging and simple but also super helpful for students!

Activity #1: Fall Articulation Rings

Fall Articulation Rings are the perfect fall articulation activity. They contain a variety of speech sounds for drill practice, like F, G, K, L, R, S, V, Z, CH, SH, L-Blends, S-Blends & Vocalic-R picture sounds in all positions of words. These articulation worksheets work great in the primary grades and are even great for our littlest preschool speech friends.

The coolest thing? These hands-on speech articulation therapy worksheets aren’t just worksheets; they turn into the cutest fall craft.

Students can practice sounds as they color the fall and target items. Once the sheet is complete, students cut the worksheets into strips, glue, and interlock the rings. They can then hang on a fall bulletin board for display. 

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Activity #2: Fall Cut and Paste Articulation Worksheets

These Cut and Paste Fall Articulation Worksheets will become a quick favorite during your speech therapy sessions. This fall resource includes k articulation worksheets, l articulation worksheets, and more. Students will color, cut and paste ten picture sounds on top of fall items.

The perfect no-prep fall articulation activity includes multiple pages that will keep students engaged and motivate them to work on speech goals.

 It is easy enough to send home for extra speech practice and even helps students work on fine motor skills.

Activity #3: Fall Articulation Tree

One of my favorite activities is this Fall Speech Tree, and it’s my go-to activity for the fall season. These articulation worksheets are fun to put together, and students enjoy the entire process.

Students will color the 10 orange, yellow, red, or brown leaves and then paste them on the speech tree as they practice target sounds like k initial words, p final words, and blends like sh initial words. 

Create a beautiful bulletin board full of articulation worksheet trees, or send the worksheets home with students for fun fall-time extra practice. 

Activity #4: Fall Articulation Boom Cards™

If you’re looking for activities that are entirely independent and aren’t printable articulation worksheets. You may enjoy using Boom Cards™. Boom Cards™ are articulation worksheets but digitized into a fun interactive game! 

I love getting my students onto iPads or Chromebooks when I need to monitor progress with a student or if I am out for the day and need some quick sub plans!

This build Fall Scene Articulation Boom Cards™ deck is a fun fall activity full of articulation drill practice. It includes the sounds: K, G, F, V, L. S, S-blends, R, CH, SH, and TH in all positions of words, including initial, medial, and final.

Fall Articulation Worksheet Bundle

If you’re looking at all the activities above and want to bring them into your speech therapy sessions this fall, you’re in luck!

I created the Fall Speech Articulation Activities Bundle to make all of these activities in one convenient place.

Articulation Worksheets

Whether you are looking to focus on s initial words, f final words, or other articulation skills, these activities are some of my favorites! Students love making fun crafts while in speech therapy, and I love giving them a chance to create! 

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