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8 Simply Splendid Spring Speech Activities For The Speech Room

It’s spring, and I absolutely love how everyone is starting to enjoy that sunshine and warm weather! There’s something about sunshine that makes everyone just a little happier. One of my favorite ways to enjoy this time with my students is to use spring speech activities. There are always just so many choices, and I absolutely love bringing flowers, rabbits, and other springtime fun into the speech room! 


8 Spring Speech Activities 

When looking for some speech therapy ideas, I always enjoy themed speech therapy activities. Whether I am celebrating Thanksgiving, the Holiday Season, or Valentine’s Day. I feel like students are just a little more engaged when they can relate to the activity. Spring has such an array of holidays from Earth Day to Easter. There are so many great spring speech activities you can do!

Interactive Books

If you’re anything like me, you love when students can interact with the activities and lessons you are providing! I love interactive books because students don’t just sit there and read. They get to interact with the story and practice spring vocabulary.

What Can You Do In Spring?

This Interactive Book introduces VERBS related to SPRING activities such as building a birdhouse, paint some eggs, fly a kite, catch a butterfly, etc. Students can match the spring vocabulary and verbs when they are named. Instructions for book assembly are included.

Mr. Bunny, What Do You See In Spring?

This is a cute interactive book for Spring It’s a great labeling activity to introduce pictures related to the spring season, such as flowers, butterfly, umbrella, etc.

Where is the Bee? 

Hmmm, where’s the BEE?? This is a adorable interactive book that focuses on the following positions: behind, under, on, between, near, far, next to, and in front of. This is a perfect activity to add to your Spring language activities. Instructions for use are included.

Spring Interactive Book Bundle

If you are looking for multiple interactive books for multiple speech-language therapy sessions, then you could grab all of my spring-themed interactive books in this convenient bundle.

Speech Therapy Cards and Mats

If you’re looking for an easy way to practice skills, whether it’s using a digital resource on a Chromebook or iPad or a physical resource. I love having options when it comes to spring speech therapy activities.

Spring Sentence Expansion Cards

These Spring Expansion Cards are great for students struggling with expanding from single words to phrases and sentences. These flashcards include items you usually see during the spring, such as a raincloud, umbrella, chick, etc. By adding adjectives (colors, numbers, size, etc.), students will be on their way to increasing their vocabulary and improving their language skills.

Spring Sequence Boom Cards

Spring Sequence Boom Cards is an engaging Spring activity for working on receptive language skills, such as understanding sequence order, and expressive language, such as retelling the steps of a task. Students will use a drag-and-drop activity to complete the sequence order.

Spring Theme Interactive Mats

These Spring Spatial Concept Mats are a fun and engaging way to target spatial concepts! They’re interactive, easy to use, and take minimal time to prep. The mats include the following positions: behind, in, under, between, next to, far from, and in front of.

Spring Articulation Hidden Picture Scenes

Are you searching for a fun spring articulation activity that targets a variety of speech sounds? An activity that will keep your students focused? This product is designed to help students practice target goals for articulation. These worksheets are filled with target sounds for articulation drill practice. It includes 15 picture scenes that focus on the following sounds: F, G, K, L, R, S, SH, CH, TH, V, Z, L-R-S blends, and Vocalic-R in the initial, medial, and final positions of words.

Just For Fun

Alright, sometimes I find speech therapy materials that help students with specific skills but are also just for fun! One of my favorite activities that fall into this category is BINGO! Kids love playing BINGO and often do not even realize they are even learning.

Spring Verb BINGO

This Spring Verbs BINGO game is a great addition to your Spring theme activities! This game focuses on activities you see in the Spring and contains the following 24 verbs like blooming, identifying, hiding, building, and planting.

Spring Speech Activities

It’s always fun to complete the activities mentioned above, and students love celebrating spring with some spring speech activities! Whether you choose to play BINGO, read some interactive stories, or have students explore BOOM cards, your speech students will love coming to the speech room during the Spring!