8 Fantastically Fun Valentine’s Day Speech Activities For All

It’s the month of love! That means students are sitting at their kitchen table filling out those valentine’s while their adult at home is creating an over the top Valentine’s Day mailbox that will just be thrown out after they get home. Valentine’s Day is the holiday I remember loving in school, and now as a speech therapist, I get to come up with fun activities for students to do when they come to speech therapy on this lovely holiday. Here are some Valentine’s Day speech activities I use in my speech room.

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Valentine’s Day Speech Activities

Valentine’s Day speech therapy sessions are run like most holiday sessions. I never want students to feel like they are missing out on something fun because they have to come with me to the speech room. I love to incorporate the holiday into my sessions while still helping students practice the skills they need help with. The speech therapy activities below are always winners when students come to speech on Valentine’s Day.

Interactive Books

I absolutely love using interactive books during my speech therapy sessions. They work so well if you have mixed groups because you can give each student a book that focuses on their goals. I have created multiple Valentine’s Day-themed interactive books because, as I said above, I just love this holiday. 

Cupid, What Do You See on Valentine’s Day?

Cupid, What Do You See on Valentine’s Day? is a themed vocabulary interactive book. It’s a great labeling activity to introduce pictures of Valentine’s Day, such as a heart, box of chocolates, flowers, etc. Students can match the pictured items when they are named. Instructions for book assembly are included.

What Can You Do On Valentine’s Day?

What Can You Do On Valentine’s Day? is an interactive Book that introduces eight VERBS related to Valentine’s Day activities, such as hug a friend, eat chocolate, give a gift, mail a card, etc. Students can match the verbs when they are named. Instructions for book assembly are included.


Mia, Be My Valentine

Mia’s Be My Valentine WH Questions is an interactive book that is part of a book series about how Mia celebrates holidays and seasons. This interactive book is a perfect tool for students to practice answering various who, what, where, and where questions.

Interactive books are great resources and help students practice the speech-language skills needed, but they can also be used to practice holiday-specific words like Valentine’s day vocabulary.  These are just perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day speech activities because they are just so easy to use! 

If you love these three interactive books, save some money and buy the Valentine’s Day Interactive Book Bundle!

Valentine’s Day Worksheets

I love a fun Valentine’s Day worksheet. Students often come into the speech room all excited about the cupcakes they get to eat when passing out valentines, or they already ate that cupcake and are totally hyped up on sugar from the said cupcake. Either way, it can be hard to get them to focus. This is the time when I pull out worksheets that require some movement. Cutting, pasting, coloring, etc.

WH Questions For Valentine’s Day

These valentine’s WH question cut-outs are great practice for students who have trouble with answering and identifying WH Questions. It includes WHO, WHAT, WHERE & WHEN questions. The heart-themed worksheets make them the perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day speech activities. These worksheets are included in my Valentine’s Day Speech and Language Bundle.

valentine’s day picture scene mats

These low prep printable Valentine’s Day WH-Questions Mats are loaded with question prompts and targeted for students with language delays or who struggle with answering questions. It is a great addition to your Valentine activities. These mats focus on Who, What, Where, When, Yes or No, Riddles and Identify questions. 

Valentine’s Day Fun

When coming up with speech therapy ideas for Valentine’s Day, I quickly realized that I needed to incorporate some fun if I was going to actually get students to pay attention and learn throughout the session. That’s why I use these activities.

Valentine Sentence Expansion Cards

These valentine’s sentence expansion cards are great for students struggling with expanding from single words to phrases and sentences. These sheets include 40 flashcards with items you usually see on Valentine’s Day, such as hearts, flowers, cupid, etc. By adding adjectives (colors, numbers, sizes, etc.), students will be on their way to increasing their vocabulary and improving their language skills.

Valentine’s Day Speech and Language Activities 

I could go on and on about how much I love Valentine’s Day and continue to list product after product that I have available for this amazing holiday. But I know we are all busy and don’t have time to read a 2,000 word blog post. These are just a couple of my favorite Valentine’s Day speech activities, and if you click right here, it will lead you to even more of my favorite Valentine’s Day speech activities I have available in my TPT store.