4 Fun Halloween Speech Therapy Activities And Clever Survival Tips

You’re one brave soul for still sticking to your group schedule on Halloween. Sugar high students don’t love having to leave the classroom Halloween party, and they especially don’t like walking away from the gummy eyeballs and “slime” covered cupcakes. I bet you have some great Halloween speech therapy activities planned for your kiddos. 

But if not, let me give you some tips (and activities) for surviving Halloween in the speech classroom. 

Kids might not love having to go with you on special holidays like Halloween, and that’s ok! Don’t be offended. It’s not about them not liking speech or not liking you. They just think they are going to miss something fun. All kids hate missing out on the fun.

3 Tips For Surviving Halloween in the Speech Room

These are a few quick tips to help you survive Halloween and hopefully have a little fun with your students.

Tip #1: Offer Candy or Treats

When you enter the speech room, have a small plate of candy corn, caramel popcorn, or other sweet treats for each student. Giving students a special treat will show them that Halloween is still celebrated during speech.

Tip #2: Don’t Take Class Too Seriously

Don’t even think about progress monitoring on Halloween, the day before Halloween, or even the day after Halloween😂😂. Holidays like Halloween are crazy when they fall on a school day and kids are in no shape to try their hardest. Find some fun Halloween speech therapy activities and enjoy your time with them. 

Keep reading for some of my favorite Halloween speech therapy ideas.

Tip #3: Use Halloween To Your Advantage

Kids love all things haunted, scary, and gross on Halloween. Use this to your advantage. In your lesson plans, add some Halloween activities. Find spooky articulation worksheets, Halloween language mats, interactive stories, or a game like Halloween speech BINGO. 

These are just a few quick tips to help you survive Halloween in the speech room. I love bringing Halloween into my classroom, and using Halloween speech therapy activities is my favorite. I rounded up a bunch of my favorite Halloween activities for speech therapy below! 

Everyone loves a Halloween freebie!

Halloween Speech Therapy Activities

I love letting my students celebrate holidays in my classroom. Whether I see them on the actual holiday or we celebrate the week or day before, bringing in different activities centered around the holiday always gets them excited for learning.

Activity #1: Halloween Language Mats

I love these Halloween Language Mats! They are perfect for language therapy groups and assist students who struggle with language concepts like Sentence Expansion Practice, Qualitative Concepts, Yes or No Questions- lower/higher levels, Plural Forms, and more. 

The best part about this Halloween speech therapy activity is it’s completely no prep.

Looking for some other Halloween language activities? Check these Halloween Language Worksheets out.

Activity #2: Halloween Articulation Practice

These Hide and Seek Halloween Articulation Picture Scenes are a perfect addition to your Halloween speech therapy activities. Make it even more fun and let students use erasers, crayons, or magnet chips to locate each hidden picture. 

Plus, there are 16 picture scenes included that focus on the following sounds: F, J, G, K, L, R, S, SH, CH, TH, V, Z, L-R-S blends and Vocalic-R in initial, medial and final position of words.

Kick your picture scenes up a notch with these Halloween Picture Scene Question Worksheets

If you haven’t noticed already, I LOVE articulation practice. Check out my other Halloween-themed articulation worksheets here.

Activity #3: Halloween Interactive Books

Mia’s Halloween Interactive Book is a perfect tool for students to practice answering various who, what, where, and where questions. The book includes eight pages with text and pictures, a corresponding question for each page, and picture choices for answering each question. 

You can grab some other Halloween interactive books here!

Activity #4: Halloween Boom Cards™

Like I said before, I love helping students with articulation goals!  This Halloween-themed Boom Card Deck includes 11 target sounds for articulation drill practice. It focuses on the following sounds: K, G, F, V, L, R, S, S-blends, SH, CH, and TH in all positions of words. 

Students will love to practice their target sounds while helping the trick-or-treater through the maze to get more candy.

Halloween is a crazy day, and Boom Cards™ are a great tool to ensure students are still learning and having fun!

Click Here for other Halloween-themed Boom Cards™.


If your students have articulation goals and you want to continue to focus on these goals even during your speech group on Halloween. I have a Halloween-themed Articulation Bundle.

Halloween Speech Therapy Activities and Tips

There is no need to search the internet for many different Halloween speech therapy ideas. You’ve got plenty right here. Whether you plan on taking your speech groups on Halloween or are looking to celebrate during the week leading up to the holiday, these Halloween speech therapy activities are the perfect addition to your lesson plans! 

Don't forget to grab your freebie above!

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