6 Easy Thanksgiving Speech Therapy Activities and Great Thanksgiving Read-Alouds

Gobble, Gobble! It’s already Thanksgiving time, and while you’re thinking about everything you need to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner, like the turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and all the fixings. Your students are thinking about those couple of days off from school! So, when working with your groups, use Thanksgiving to your advantage and use some Thanksgiving speech therapy activities.

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 Thanksgiving Speech Sessions Tips

As Thanksgiving break draws closer, the excitement of seeing family, getting a couple of days off, and pumpkin pie is getting everyone a little excited. Even speech teachers are excited for these days to relax, see family, and not have to think about groups for a little bit. This excitement can make therapy sessions a little more challenging. So, here are some tips to make them easier:

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Talk to Students

Holiday excitement seems to bubble up in students, who then love to blurt things out! Instead of dealing with shoutouts and blurts, try discussing Thanksgiving with students. Discuss how many days are left until the break and how it makes them feel, and ask about their Thanksgiving plans or what they plan to do on their days off! Allowing students to talk about their Thanksgiving will help with the excitement and will let many of them practice the skills they are focusing on. 

Thanksgiving Book Companions

There are so many books to include during your Thanksgiving speech therapy sessions. I have a bunch I love to pull out during those last few sessions before Thanksgiving break. Here are just a few Thanksgiving themed books and why I absolutely love them! 

Porcupine’s Pie By Laura Renauld

Grades: 1 through 2

This book is the cutest and is definitely needed in your speech room. It helps teach answering questions, sequencing, vocabulary, and retelling. A great book to entertain and learn from before Thanksgiving. 

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Turkey! By Lucille Colandro

Grades: Pre-K through 1

You can’t go wrong with the Old Lady series. This book targets sequencing, retelling, rhyming, and vocabulary. 

Run, Turkey, Run By Diane Mayr

Grades: Pre-k through 2

The perfect book for practicing /r/ words. It also can be used to teach story elements and retelling. 

A Plump and Perky Turkey By Teresa Bateman 

Grades: Pre-K through 3

The townspeople try to find a way to get a turkey for their Thanksgiving feast. This is great for rhyming, making predictions, sequencing, and cause/effect. 

How to Catch a Turkey By Adam Wallace

Grades: K through 6

There are many How to Catch books, and you should consider grabbing them for your speech classroom. This specific one is perfect for teaching following directions, problem/solution, story elements, and sequencing. 

Thanksgiving Fun

No, Thanksgiving is definitely not up there with the most fun holidays like Halloween. But you can still have fun with your kiddos. Play some Thanksgiving themed games or readings. Groups will be much more enjoyable and interactive if you throw some fun into them! 

Free Thanksgiving Speech Activity!

Thanksgiving Speech Therapy Activities

Thanksgiving comes and goes quickly. But for many students it’s the first “longer” break for the year. Some schools are lucky enough to get 5 days off, while others only get 4. No matter what your break looks like, here are some fun Thanksgiving speech therapy activities to do with your kiddos in the days before (or after) Thanksgiving. 

Interactive Books

Books are totally helpful during speech therapy sessions. They get students talking and practicing many speech-language skills they need. Using interactive books allows them to focus on the specific skill they need and practice it while moving the pieces in the book and interacting with each page. 

Thanksgiving Interactive Book- Actions

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Articulation Turkey Activities 

Turkey is a staple on Thanksgiving tables, and it should also be in your speech room during this time of year. For some reason, turkeys are always funny to kids. I don’t know if it’s the chunky bodies on little legs, the huge feathers, or the thing that hangs from their necks. But kids love them! 

Turkey Articulation Worksheets 

These cute turkey articulation worksheets have students practicing their letter sounds AND fine motor skills in a fun and colorful way! Have students cut out the different objects and place the pictures which make the correct sound on the turkey. 

I love letting students color the turkey before gluing the pictures onto him. The rainbow of colors students choose for the feathers makes these worksheets great for a bulletin board display! 

Another way to get students practicing their sounds is with this Gobble, Gobble Thanksgiving worksheet. This is definitely one of those Thanksgiving speech therapy activities I always ensure I put into the mix. 

If you are looking for a digital activity to help your students with L, R, and S blend sounds. These Feed the Turkey Articulation Boom Cards are such a fun and engaging Thanksgiving speech therapy activity for drill practice of blend sounds. Feed the turkey Thanksgiving food items such as mashed potatoes, green peas, corn, biscuits, and pie while practicing speech sounds.

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Thanksgiving BINGO

Every kid loves BINGO and out of all my Thanksgiving speech therapy activities this may be one of my favorites too. It’s the perfect game to help students practice vocabulary, articulation, letter sounds, and more. Plus, they don’t even realize they are learning or practicing. They just think they’re playing a game. A win-win in my book! 

Thanksgiving Sentence Cards

Some of my students need practice with sentence structure and expanding sentences. Creating Thanksgiving sentences allows them to practice inside the speech room and practice sentences that they may have to say during Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving Speech Therapy Activities

There are so many ways you can celebrate Thanksgiving in the speech room. These thanksgiving speech therapy activities are just a couple I have used throughout the years, and I have found students enjoy them! 

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