7 Amazingly Awesome Arctic Animals Activities You Must Have In The Speech Room

There is something about arctic animals that students love. They could learn about them repeatedly, and studying arctic animals is often one of the most popular preschool activities, 1st-grade activities, 2nd-grade activities…You probably get where I am going with this. Haha, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring in arctic animals activities during a speech therapy session!

Arctic Animals Activities

If you are looking for arctic animals activities and you are just not sure where to start as a speech language pathologist, you’ve come to the right place. I absolutely love bringing in activities and lesson plans based on arctic animals. My students always love them, and I enjoy the activities year after year! I may not have an arctic sensory bin full of blue rice and different arctic animals, but we still have fun!

Arctic Animals Theme Books

It is always fun to bring different non-fiction and fiction books based on arctic animals to share with students. Books are so useful, and you can often practice or reinforce speech and language skills while enjoying good books.

A couple of my favorites are: 

Arctic Animal Boom Cards

The Arctic animals theme language unit is filled with various language activities to choose from with an arctic animals theme. This deck is great for students who struggle with specific receptive and expressive language skills. 

Some skills these boom cards help with are receptive and expressive language like identification, emotions, vocabulary, and spatial concepts. This deck also includes some extension activities that my students absolutely love to do if we have extra time or if they win some free iPad time! Those arctic animals activities are: create an arctic scene, arctic animals puzzle, and feed the arctic animal.

Virtual Field Trip

If your students wonder what polar bears look like or how a penguin acts. It may be a great time to pull up the San Diego Zoo webcams. They have so many arctic animals at their zoo, and you and your students can take a look live! 

Some skills you can practice while watching these webcams are:

  • labeling
  • -ing verbs
  • commenting
  • describing (e.g., color, shape, size, body parts)
  • simple wh- questions (e.g., what does it eat, where does it live)
  • core words (e.g., like, see, go, yes, no)

Arctic Animals STEM Activities

If you have students who need some hands-on activities or who love STEM, then this activity may be perfect for them. Freeze a couple of plastic arctic animals in a bowl or dish overnight. Then have them use cold water, warm water, and salt to try and rescue them. Their job is to try and rescue their animals first.

 It’s a great way to target:

  •  Verbs, 
  • Commenting
  • Labeling
  • Exclaiming and more

If you have older students, you can practice inferences, predictions, and more.

Arctic Animals Interactive Book

If you are looking for a labeling activity for arctic animals. This interactive book is a great addition to this lesson. It introduces different types of arctic animals. Some examples include the orca whale, penguin, walrus, puffin, etc.

Students can match the pictured items when they are named. This interactive book is a perfect tool for students who need to work on receptive and expressive language skills. The book includes 8 pages with text and pictures, a corresponding question for each page, and picture choices for answering each question.

Arctic Animal Songs

Kids love songs, and you can easily incorporate different songs into your speech therapy sessions! Games allow repetition,  the ability to show visual cues to accompany the song and you can even give the students fill-in-the-blank lyrics and have them work on what is missing. 

Some of my favorites are: 

A great way to review arctic vocabulary, commands, and directions, have a dance party and enjoy time with your students. 

Arctic Riddle Mats and Picture Cards

Everyone loves a good riddle, especially kids. These Arctic Animals-Themed Riddle Mats and Picture Cards are a great addition to your Arctic animal’s lesson plans. These mats are perfect for younger students who still struggle with riddles but want to try them anyway. These mats are a great way to help these students expand their descriptive skills. 

Arctic Games

When it comes to arctic animals activities, games always get students excited, and I don’t blame them. A little competition doesn’t hurt anyone, and they often do not even realize they are playing. The best part? Some games focus on arctic animals and make the best arctic animals activities for my speech room! 

Don’t Break the Ice

I bet you remember this game from your childhood! My students love it, and I use it to target so many goals. You can use it to work on articulation, phonology, and verbal language output, and you can even use it to practice vocabulary!  

Thin Ice 

Another great game that can be used to target a ton of different therapy goals! I often enjoy having students work together and see how many marbles they can balance on the top without breaking the ice!

I love to use games in my classroom, and I try to incorporate them whenever I can! Games come in handy for almost all speech and language skills. Whether working on a worksheet that can easily be turned into a game or playing a game like charades to help students with action words. Games are great tools for us speech-language pathologists!  Click here for some of my favorite games! 

Where is Penguin? Positional Work Book

Hmmm, where’s the PENGUIN?? If you have students who love arctic animals, then they will love this interactive positional word book! It focuses on the following positions: behind, in, on, between, near, far, next to, and in front of—the perfect activity to add to your language winter activities. Plus, add a little fun factor and get students following directions. Bring in a stuffed penguin, and let them place it around the room!

Arctic Animals Activities

If you are looking to bring in learning activities with an arctic theme, these arctic animals activities will make it easy! Your students will enjoy the winter months even more when they step into the speech room and see all of the winter fun you have planned for them! 


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