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6 Speech Therapy Games Students Absolutely Love To Play Before Winter Break

It’s the week before winter break, and If you have found your way to this blog post, you are probably looking for something to do with your speech therapy groups! As a speech-language pathologist, I know how important it is to see my students. But, sometimes, students feel like they miss out on something in the classroom (like a holiday party) when they leave for their speech services. It’s important to make your speech room as fun as their classroom (if not better 😉😉). Here are some speech therapy games you and your students will enjoy, whether it’s the week before winter break or anytime!

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These speech therapy games are perfect for any time of the year. Easily switch out the cards, worksheets, or materials to keep the games fresh, engaging, and relevant to the holiday or skill students are working on.

When I am looking for games for speech therapy, I often look for games involving movement or quick speech therapy games. Why? Board games are great, but I often do not have time to finish them, and I hate seeing sad kids when their game goes unfinished.

Articulation Go Fish

No, this isn’t the card game, although that’s one of my favorites! You may even think there is no way this game is even an articulation game.

But really, it is! Use any of my articulation worksheets and have students identify and speak each picture or word. If they articulate it properly, they get to go fishing!

Whoever ends up with the most fish wins. I love using my Christmas tree articulation worksheets during the week before Christmas! They can practice the words, color the sheet, and then we can play using the finished tree. But you can really use this fast-paced game with any speech worksheet. It is a great reinforcement tool, and students absolutely love the jumping fish.

Don’t Break The Ice

Penguins are just the cutest bird, and this penguin game is always a winner inside my speech room. I often use this game with my interactive books like this Winter Positional Word Adaptive Interactive Book and many of my other interactive books as well! When they read, complete an activity, or identify the correct word, they get to spin the spinner. Another great speech therapy game that you can modify to the skill you are working on!

Pop The Pig!

I absolutely love Pop The Pig! It is such an enjoyable game. I’ll even admit that at the end of my speech sessions. We play it just for fun sometimes! Pop The Pig! is an easy game where students roll the dice, pick a hamburger that matches the color they roll, feed the pig the hamburger, and push his hat down a specific number of times. When the pig’s belly pops, the game is over!

I love using my hide-and-seek worksheets, like my Christmas hide-and-seek with Pop the Pig! Students get to roll the dice whenever they find an object, or you can take it up a notch and have them use the name of the object in a sentence or answer a question about the object.

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speech therapy games-Pop the Pirate!

Pop the Pirate!

An absolute favorite in my classroom. Pop the Pirate! is a game of chance keeps students on their toes. Using my picture scene question worksheets students are given the opportunity to identify an object, figure a riddle, or answer a yes/no question.  As students answer correctly, they get to pull a sword out of the barrel. Watching students carefully pull the sword out and close their eyes waiting for the pirate to pop gets me every time! 😂😂

Action Charades

When it comes to speech therapy sessions, it is always fun to get students moving, and everyone loves a good game of charades, kids especially! After reading an interactive book focused on actions like this Christmas verbs book!

Play a couple of rounds of action charades and let students guess which actions are being shown. This will allow them to practice the sentences they worked on inside the interactive book and have some fun at the same time!

Hidden Treasure

Treasure hunting is fun; students love unlocking the different sections to find coins! There are so many fun ways to use this game. From labeling each section and having students say the word, count the syllables, or identify the initial, middle, or end sounds to using it as a reinforcement tool and allowing students to spin after they correctly complete a task. I often use these Christmas syllable cards with this game. Once the student identifies the correct number of syllables on three cards, they get to spring and try to find treasure!

**This is an oldie but a goodie and is not available much anymore. You can often find a used Cariboo Island game on Mercari or Ebay. 

Speech Therapy Activities and Games

So many schools are using online games to help students with math, reading, and other subject areas. There are definitely some benefits to online speech games, but I love all the other benefits that online games can’t touch. Such as cooperation, teamwork, problem-solving, and coping skill. When choosing speech therapy games for your students, know that almost any game can be used! Twister, Pictionary, and more! Just find a way to incorporate the language skills your students need to work on, and BAM! You’ve got yourself some fun.


PS. Don’t feel like you can only play speech therapy games before a school break! You can have fun with your students whenever! Adding in some speech therapy games is one of the best parts about being a speech therapist. I can be the “fun” teacher and not feel the pressure of fitting in standards or other curriculum related things. 

Don’t forget your FREEBIE above!

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