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Speech Therapy Classroom Decor: 6 Basic Must-Haves For Teachers

Oh, speech therapy classroom decor may be one of the worse parts of being a speech-language pathologist. The speech therapy room is an amazing space where students enhance their speech and language skills. Beyond its functional aspects, like speech games and activities, the atmosphere of the room plays a crucial role in creating an engaging and comfortable learning environment. There are so many things to think about when you are a speech-language pathologist that the classroom decor may not always come to mind first. 

speech therapy classroom decor feature image

But, for me, it is one of the most important. Decorating your speech therapy room makes students feel like they are walking from one home away from home to another. From motivational posters to speech skills bulletin boards, these speech therapy classroom decor ideas all help to create an atmosphere that inspires growth and success.

6 Speech Therapy Classroom Decor

Here are 6 things I like to include when setting up my speech therapy classroom decor. Whether you are lucky enough to have your own designated classroom or you share a classroom with other speech therapy pathologists, PE, or OT professionals, these classroom decor options are perfect!

#1 Motivational Posters: Inspiring Communication Confidence

Speech sessions can be stressful for students. They are working on and practicing many skills that are challenging and difficult for them. Motivation is what a lot of them need. Decorating your speech therapy room with motivational posters can create a positive and encouraging atmosphere. Consider adorning your walls with phrases like “Nothing is Impossible” or “You are Brave” to boost your students’ confidence and motivation. There are a  variety of beautifully designed speech therapy motivational posters that will add a touch of inspiration to your therapy room decor.

#2 Interactive Wall Art: Engaging Learning Through Play

Integrate interactive wall art that stimulates speech and language development. Install a magnetic or corkboard wall where you can display word magnets or flashcards for engaging language games. Alternatively, create a “Word of the Week” section where you introduce a new vocabulary word, encouraging students to use it throughout the week.

#3 Classroom Manners Posters: Fostering Respectful Communication

Promote effective communication and respectful interactions with classroom manners posters. Displaying phrases like “I cover my mouth when I cough,” “I wait my turn at the water fountain,” and “I raise my hand when I have a question” can help reinforce important communication etiquette. Showing students that no matter their classroom, they are expected to behave accordingly.

#4 Speech Skills Bulletin Boards: Showcasing Skills Being Improved

Transform a section of your speech therapy room into an interactive speech skills bulletin board. Change out your bulletin board with the different speech skills your students are working on that day, week, or month whatever works best for your schedule. Having speech therapy decor that also works as an anchor chart is a win-win in my book!

#5 Welcome Wall: Inviting Students into the Speech Therapy Journey

Craft a warm and inviting atmosphere with a “Welcome Wall.” Use this space to introduce yourself, display fun facts about speech and language, and showcase artwork from previous students. This creates a sense of belonging and excitement for new students entering your speech therapy room.

#6 Speech Classroom Rules: Establishing a Productive Learning Environment

Clearly define speech room norms with eye-catching posters. Use phrases like “sharing is caring,” and “wait your turn,”  to establish a structured and focused environment. These rules will help create a sense of order and ensure that students are ready to fully participate and learn during their speech therapy sessions.

Elevating your speech therapy room decor goes beyond aesthetics – it contributes to a nurturing and empowering learning environment. By incorporating motivational posters, classroom manners reminders, speech skills bulletin boards, and speech room norms, you’ll create a space where students feel inspired, respected, and ready to excel in their speech and language journey. 

Whether you’re browsing TPT for unique posters or using free printable resources, the decor in your therapy room can play a pivotal role in fostering growth, confidence, and effective communication skills. So, let your creativity flow, and transform your speech therapy room into a haven of learning and progress!