Back to School Speech and Language Boom Cards

Over the last two years, the use of technology has been the norm in my speech therapy sessions. During the pandemic, I was anxious to find ways to connect with my students via teletherapy. Through vigorous research, I stumbled upon Boom Learning. Boom cards have been a lifesaver for me. These cards have been a big hit in my speech sessions. Even though I am back in a school setting, I still incorporate boom cards in my sessions to make it more interactive. Check out my list of back to school speech and language boom cards  I typically use the first couple of weeks of school.


I usually use this Back to School Language Unit boom card deck to tackle a variety of language goals. I mostly use it with my preschool and kindergarten students. It contains ninety-six cards. The menu consists of receptive and expressive language activities as shown below.

Receptively, I use this deck to work on identifying school items (i.e., “Which one is a book?) between a field of 2-3 choices, yes or no questions, where does it belong questions, and go-togethers.

Expressively, I use this deck to work on naming vocabulary (i.e., “This is a backpack”), labeling actions, answering WH questions, and stating spatial concepts (on, behind, in), etc.

It also includes reinforcement activities such as a school items puzzle activity, create a classroom scene and pack a backpack.

This What Do You Need Back to School boom deck targets inference questions. Students will make inferences and predictions when asked questions pertaining to school activities. It is a great addition to back to school activities.


Boom Cards are also great for articulation practice. This School Time boom deck focuses on K, G, L, F & V sounds in all position of words. Students will place school items in a backpack then in a desk as they practice saying target speech sounds. It is easy to maneuver and fun to play.

Check out more of my boom cards in my Teacher Pay Teacher store here.

Thanks for reading!